Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pirates vs. Ninjas

Pirates vs. Ninjas: who do you think would win? I'm all about being a pirate (arggghh) tonight, mostly because that's the costume I found at Goodwill. This party is about to begin and it is by far the most complicated for the kitchen. The pirates eat in one place and the ninjas in another. This means two of EVERYTHING for the kitchies to split up, put in a truck and deliver to the proper battle station. For the cooks this means over 300 egg rolls, a 50 gallon vat of chicken fried rice, tons of broccoli and a dessert sushi more famously known as rice crispy treats! The kids go nuts for the rice, but then again who doesn't love it? After they eat there is a camp wide game of capture the flag, pirates against ninjas of course. Then after that, a ginormous gym filled with bubbles and foam and paint and water and black lights: lots of playing, dancing to techno music, and lots of FUN! More soon!

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