Thursday, July 23, 2009


A few kitchen numbers for you:

0- degree temperature in the walk in freezer
1- hours I spent cleaning out said freezer this morning
3- sweatshirts I wore
4- towels wrapped around hands and head strategically duct-taped by loving kitchies

8- 18"x24" trays of biscuits served at breakfast
15- 18"x24" trays of sausage served at breakfast
20- gallons of milk

40- gallons of juice going on trip today
176- sandwiches trip packer made for trips today
384- chocolate chip cookies going on trip today

160- campers at camp
180- pounds of turkey eaten by campers at the masquerade ball last night
400- apple turnovers eaten by campers at the same party

900- plates kitchies will wash today
900- cups "
900- forks "

4- loads of laundry a day (28 towels and rags, 42 aprons)
1,960- floor tiles swept and mopped by the kitchies twice daily
5,000- sq. feet of saran wrap that came in our Tuesday shipment

25- minutes spent calculating all this
86- minutes til we're back in the kitchen for lunch!
14- happy kitchies and cooks who all this would not be possible without!

6,790,062,216- people in the world...thanks

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