Sunday, July 19, 2009

Long time, no write...

Well, even if our mothers are the only ones who read our blog, it's still been too long since we've posted. After some awesome, much needed time off with my visiting parents, I am back in full swing, kitchen action. Today was our changeover day which means we sent 160 kids out the gates at 9 AM, swapped all the staff into different positions (11 new kitchies, 3 new cooks) had lunch, and brought 160 more kids in the gates at 2 PM! Mass craziness, but we made it just like always. Lunch today was for the staff only so we always do a little extra specialness in the kitchen. We had chicken and steak fajitas with all the fixings including homemade salsa and guacamole! If anyone knows me well enough, you'll know I could live off of chips and guac. We also had cookie dough brownies (heavenly) made again by Sharley. And just for a little extra morale, energy boost add in 100+ cans of sugar filled soda, and six ginormous bowls of every candy you can imagine. Name it, and we probably had it...even those weird and slightly disgusting "nerd ropes". Then sno-cones and cotton candy. We get the staff on a sugar high every changeover so the kids are welcomed into camp by 80 screaming, jumping, excited, crazy people! It was always overwhelming to see all the energetic people dressed as sharks, cheerleaders, Hawaiian dancers, referees, and etc. banging on the bus windows as I came into camp as a camper. It is really fun and makes for a great start to the term. Dinner tonight was chicken fingers, Caesar salad, potato wedges, fruit and some amazing chocolate brownie/cake things made by Ruthie that legitimately tasted like cake batter in a bar! I loved it. I'm sitting in the kitchen now feeding the latecomers Pb&j because our microwave is broken and shooting sparks so I can't heat up any leftovers for them :( Good to be back in the kitchen for sure!

A little kitchen picture for you: After a hilarious attempt at getting all the lost aprons from behind the washer. I wouldn't post the actual picture of that attempt on here because it is such a funny (not so appropriate for all the web to see) picture I'm having a hard time not laughing long enough to save and post it. Or maybe I'm just actually saving it to blackmail Kym (who was the actual person who saved the lost aprons).

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