Friday, July 24, 2009

New Microwave and Chai Lattes

This is our newest addition to the camp kitchen. A much needed one as we have been without for five days. It's a Panasonic NE-1054 and the highlight of my day by far. Delvin rolled her off the truck around 11:30 AM and Lucas unpacked her and plugged her in. She's already been christened Penny due to her full name being displayed on her front, Panasonic. We have a Hobart dishwasher named Hobie so they're already becoming fast friends. This microwave will soon come in handy dearly as Caroline and I frequently use the microwave to make Chai Lattes after an afternoon nap or late in the evening when everyone's in bed and we just want to sit and watch YouTube videos in the dark of the kichen. Although we've gotten accustomed to making them on the stove during our five torturous days without the microwave and they do actually taste better that way. I know the microwave will be back in action soon. I'm so thankful today for new kitchen appliances and time spent with friends over Chai! Have a good one. Pirates VS Ninja's TONIGHT!!!!


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