Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Goodbye Already?

Well, it's really hard to believe, but the kitchen is cleaner than it has ever been since the day it was created. We have spent the past 4 days cleaning every dish, every counter, every rack, floor, ceiling tile. Every surface in the entire kitchen has been inventoried, cleaned and stored away for the worst 9 months of a kitchen's life. It will be all alone waiting patiently like us all, for next summer...There are only a handful of staff left in camp. It has been one of the best summers I've had out here. Trying, tiring, exciting, and beautiful. We've had a fantastic staff, great weather, fun kids, great rafting, rock climbing, boating, hiking, camping, fishing, EVERYTHING! Camp is going to change a bit next year with a new name and new plans. It's going to be great! Check us out at

If you miss our faces too much, here are a few pics of the leadership girls/team to gaze at until next summer. Special thanks to our moms for being the prime readers of our blog. C U @ KIVU!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Here you go...STRATA DAY!!!!